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We help our clients! No matter their credit score.We know your here because this is an emergency, so we'll get you cash fast

Getting a loan doesn't have to a problem or a hassle. We know your already busy so we offer emergency loans with no faxing, no credit checks, and no hassles. Why fight to get approved when we make it easy and offer the lowest interest rates. Here at Loans For Emergencies we offer loans specifically optimized for people with bad credit.

"Getting a direct loan at loans for emergencies happens the same day that you apply and you can even select a repayment schedule that works for you"

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Some words from our clientsWe don not like to brag, others do it for us.

I needed some quick emergency cash to pay off bills. I had bad credit at the time so no one would even talk to me. Except for loans for emergencies, they helped me with some emergency cash when no one else could"

Sarah Hague - Miami, Florida -

"When I needed a same day loan for school expenses I didn't know where to go. I didn't want to spend all day filling out applications and wasn't sure I could even be approved because I was a student and had no employment verification. Loans for emergencies still helped me get the urgent loan I needed fast"

Toby Mires - Detroit, Michigan -

"When I needed a cash loan to keep my coffee shop open after a Starbucks moved in next do, no one would approve me. All the direct lenders i found said they wouldn't deal with a business as small as mine when the owner has poor credit. Only loans for emergency's was able to help. I have loans for emergency's to thank for my new location"

Esmeralda Martinez - San Jose, California -